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Social Security has complicated rules regulating who gets disability and who does not. If you don't know the rules, how can you know if really have a chance to qualify? More importantly, how do you know how to prepare your case so that you have the best chance to qualify? Call 208-344-3044 for a free case evaluation with an attorney.

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Why Advocate Attorneys?

Advocate Attorneys are experienced, aggressive and compassionate. Every day we help more Idahoans obtain their disability benefits. You significantly increase your chances of getting your benefits with our representation. We work with you and your doctors to get you approved!

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Are You Prepared For Your Hearing?

Your hearing represents your best chance of getting your benefits, if you have an experienced attorney. Advocate Attorneys will work with you and your doctors to make sure your case will well prepared for a hearing. If there is a way to get you approved, we will find it. You may want to watch a special video that offers some key pointers on your hearing.

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Attorney Advocate--Social Security Attorney In Twin Falls

Applying for Social Security Disability is not easy--you need an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney in Twin Falls. The fact that you are disabled means you likely have bills that are not getting paid and you are no longer enjoying life like you once did. We can’t help with everything, but we can help with one thing—Your Disability application. Let us take the stress and worry of preparing your case for a hearing and dealing with Social Security. A hearing is a very serious event—and you want to make sure you are prepared. We know exactly what the judge will be looking for, and we can make sure he sees it.

Advocate Attorneys is an Idaho to Twin Falls, Idaho. We have lived and worked here just like you. Give us a call at 208-344-3044 for a free case evaluation. We can get started right away on your case and let you know what we think your chances of success are. Disability is all we do, so you know you will get a lawyer who knows how to get you approved. Twin Falls, Idaho is a wonderful place to live, full of wonderful people.

Idahoans are independent, hard working people. We know that you would rather be working, but now you can't. Now you need the benefits that you paid for all those years of working.

The Role Of A Social Security Disability Attorney

An experienced Social Security Disability Attorney can help you case in several ways. One of the more important ways is he can get statements from your doctors that help support your claim. These statements are called Medical Source Statements. These are not letters from your doctors that simply state the doctor does not think you can work. These are specially prepared statements that address your limitations specifically and that focus on points that are important to Social Security judges in determining whether you are disabled or not.

For a doctor to complete one of these statements, they will have to feel comfortable that they know what your limitations are. This is why it is important that you tell your doctor about your limitations every time you see him. A good Social Security Disability Attorney in Twin Falls can help you make the most out of your doctor visits.

One of the most important functions of your Twin Falls Social Security Attorney, is to argue your case at your disability hearing. At your disability hearing, the judge is going to ask you a lot of questions, but he may not ask you the questions that really demonstrate your disability. A good Social Security Disability Attorney will ask you questions that not only allow you to demonstrate your limitations, but also point to places in the disability hearing record where these limitations are best documented .

Knowing what questions to ask and what evidence to highlight takes experience and study. Don't make the mistake of using an out of town attorney to whom you are just another case. Advocates Attorneys takes the time to get to know your case, your record, and how to present you to the ALJ in a way best calculated to get you the Social Security Disability Benefits you deserve. Call us today at 208-344-3044 for a free case evaluation.